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Our Mission Statement

We are a non-profit organization. Our main goal is to help bring a change to Hoke County, and the surrounding areas. We are extremely passionate about making a postive impact in our community, teens, and people that are in need of a helping hand.

Helping people that don't have the means to help themselves. We Care For You Inc.

We Care For You Inc, is extremely passionate about making a positive impact on our community. No longer can we sit back and watch our youth continue on the path they're on. No longer can we continue to see our young people commit senseless murders, robberies, and acts of vandalism.


How We Help

We Care For You Inc. exists for the sole purpose of giving hope to the less fortunate.


Mentoring Programs

Giving Back

Feeding the homeless/needy


Sponsor Families year round and on major holidays


Sponsor activities for teens in surrounding areas


Free Acts of Kindness within our community (cutting grass, providing clothing, financial assistance/budgeting)



Our services are certainly not limited to this list; we have so much more to come. Stay tuned!


Thank you in advance for you generous donations. We realize that the help we wish to provide can not be successfully given without the help of others. So this is one of many opportunities to team up with us. As of right now, our 501c3 status is pending, all donations will be tax exempt within the next few weeks. Be encouraged to make a difference. No donation is too small or too large to make an impact in someones life. Thank you for your liberal giving!


Here's what our President and Vice President have to say

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350+ Clients Worked With
250+ Nominations
160+ Awards Won
1650+ Cups Of Coffee

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Our Information

  • Email: info@wecareforyounc.org
  • Jervay Galberth: (910)-229-0525
  • Christopher Perkins: (910)-578-3135